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Re: Еще несращение distal tibia
Alexander Chelnokov 15 Апрель 2005, 00:03
TDVC> I played with your image using some orthopedic software
TDVC> we have been developing for digital image analysis.

I definitely have to learn more about this. THX in advance.

TDVC> a correction around the CORA through the old # will restore
TDVC> alignment without much translation.

Maybe my "embedded software" is obsolete but it hints me to place hinges at the yellow point - this must result with alignment and some lengthening without translation. What do you think?

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    Re: Еще несращение distal tibia
    T. Derek V. Cooke 15 Апрель 2005, 22:04
    Hello Alex:
    Did you like what you saw from the mark-up on your figure?
    We will be looking for some Beta site users of the software (no charge for use but looking for feed-back and for suggestions on needs). Would you be interested in that?

    Re the CORA.:
    I think that if you locate the hinge at that site and then you rotate the foot about this point with out distraction you will be perfectly lined up. If you distract in the axis of the proximal tibia then rotate, it should still work (the hinge should still be located in the mid tibial axis). But, if you distract out of that axis then you will get translation. Does that make sense?
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    Re: Еще несращение distal tibia
    T. Derek V. Cooke 15 Апрель 2005, 22:05
    Hi Alex:
    I looked at your image. I presume your yellow marker is the hinge axis? I think this should be at the CORA.

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    Re: Еще несращение distal tibia
    Nuno Craveiro Lopes 15 Апрель 2005, 22:17

    The right hinge point to simultaneously correct deformity and shortening will be the crossing point between the bissectrice of the complementary
    angle of deformity and the perpendicular at the middle of the line connecting the departure and arrival place of one point of the bone structure you are correcting (see sketch.

    You can see it better on

    Best regards,

    Nuno Craveiro Lopes

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