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New hip-op release
Информационные технологии в медицине Отправлено Debora Testi 30 Сентябрь 2005, 23:42
Dear users, As you know, the current Hip-Op 1.4 release has expired on the 30th of September.
The version with a new expiration date (31th October 2005) is now available at the download page.
After October, a new version of the software, Hip-Op 2.0, will be released.
These are few simple instructions to install properly the program.
1) Download the software from
2) The file HipOp_v1.04.03.exe is a self-extracting winzip file.
3) Run the self-extractor
4) You are request to give the path where unzip distribution files, choose the path where Hip-Op will be installed.
5) Now you are ready to launch Hip-Op software.
If there are any problems, please post to the list.
Best regards
Debora Testi

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