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Diagnostic Support Systems
Информационные технологии в медицине Отправлено Gleb Korobushkin 08 Октябрь 2005, 16:50
Коллеги! После конференции по стопе, ко мне обратились из компании, которая занимается системами анализа движения. Пересылаю информацию на форум. Может будет кому нибудь полезна.С ув Коробушкин
From: Presidente Dear Gleb,
thanks again for visiting us at our booth in Naples.
As I told you we are looking for a distributor in your country and could be a good the opportunity to create a relationship with you.
A good start up could be a Clinical Center in Moscow that analyze, manufacture and applyfoot orthotics to patients you need at least:
- one clinical system to be placed in your main location for patient data acquisitions;
- one PhisiCAM Machine for orthotics manufacture.
Optional could be the Podoscanalyzer and the Image/Body Analysis Kapture for morphologyacquisitions.
The price list of the above systems are:
- Electronic Baropodometer is Euro 13.000,00 for the Clinical Platform;
Euro 5.700,00 for the Postural Platform
or Euro 6.700,00 for the Transportable Platform;
- PhysiCAM Machine is Euro 35.000,00 with additional Euro 15.000,00 for laser 3Dacquisition tool (optional);
- Podoscanalyzer is Euro 1.600,00;
- Image System is Euro 2.300,00;
- Body Analysis Kapture is Euro 2.900 with single camera; Euro 4.900,00 with double cameras; Euro 6.900 with four cameras.
We can offer you the exclusivity as the first franchise center in Russia, and grant onthis first purchase a a special discount of 30% on all the systems (except the PhysiCAM Machineon whic the discount will be 15%).
Furthermore, we are open to arrange any additional agreement for an eventual distribution of the product in your Area.
Feel free to send me more information in how you could be interested in proceeding with us and if you wish contact me directly in the company.
All my best regards,
Piero Galasso
Diagnostic Support
Tel +39.06.8558090
Fax +39.06.8555003

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