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Предложение по курсам по детской ортопедии
Анонсы конференций, журналов и др. Отправлено Alexander Chelnokov 09 Март 2017, 11:32
Коллеги из России, Украины, Белоруссии и других постсоветских стран!
Европейское общество детских ортопедов (EPOS) предлагают провести у вас курсы по детской ортопедии.

pdf, 2,5 Mb
Недавно таке курсы проводили в Косово, Албании, Литве, Боснии, Грузии. Траспортные расходы они берут на себя, принимающая сторона обеспечивает проживание на месте.

Контакт: Elhanan Bar-On belhanan[sobaka]

Более подробно см. ниже. Программа недавнего курса в приложении.

EPOS Regional Core Curriculum Courses
One of the main goals of EPOS is to provide basic education in Pediatric Orthopedics. This is especially important in areas where pediatric orthopedics has not yet branched off as a distinct subspecialty and children are treated by general orthopedists or trauma surgeons. It is with this in mind that EPOS has initiated a program of core curriculum courses in pediatric orthopedics to be given in various regions in the peripheries of Europe, and in the future, in developing countries as well. Besides the academic value of the courses, they serve to bring pediatric orthopedists in the peripheral countries closer to the EPOS community.
Regional Core Curriculum Courses have been given in Kosovo, Albania, Lithuania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, Georgia, Serbia and jointly with POSNA in Nepal. They have been attended by 60-120 participants including orthopedic surgeons, trauma surgeons and physiotherapists. The guest faculty includes 5-6 leading European pediatric orthopedic surgeons from around Europe. Travel costs to and from the host countries are covered by the faculty while local accommodation being arranged and covered by the local hosts, The program, which lasts 2 days includes frontal lectures as well as interactive case discussions with the participants – giving a bilateral teaching and learning experience to all those involved in the project.
Future courses are being planned in other regions around Europe as well as in developing countries.

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